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COVID-19 Frontline Guide -- Webinar Launch

Mar 31, 2020

COVID-19 Frontline Guide -- Webinar Launch

COVID-Local Team

On Tuesday, March 31, 2020, the Nuclear Threat Initiative hosted a webinar highlighting the launch of the COVID-19 Frontline Guide for Local Decision-Makers, a product of NTI I bio, Georgetown University’s Center for Global Health Science and Security, and the Center for Global Development.

NTI’s co-chairs, Senator Sam Nunn and Secretary Ernest Moniz provided remarks, along with Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan. The discussion focused on the role of city authorities, highlighting many of the lessons the City of Seattle has learned in the recent weeks as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak in the city. The major lesson given by Mayor Durkan: act early and act quickly.

Their remarks were followed by a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Beth Cameron, Vice President for Global Biological Policy and Programs at NTI. She was joined by: Ms. Tina Walha, Director for Innovation and Performance, City of Seattle Dr. Rebecca Katz, Director, Georgetown University Center for Global Health Science and Security *Mr. Jeremy Konyndyk, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development

The panel discussed the impact of COVID-19 on state and local communities around the country, as well as some implications for international audiences.

The full event can be viewed here. A summary of the event can be found here. Answers to the questions can be found here.

In the coming weeks, experts will continue to refine the COVID Frontline Guide tool. Next steps include: Developing a low- and middle-income environment version of the guide, incorporating feedback received thus far from low- and middle-income communities around the world Adding PDF translations of the Guide in multiple languages to the website

If you have additional feedback or comments, please visit www.COVID-local.org and use the Contact Us option to submit. Please also feel free to share the guide with partners in the United States and elsewhere.

Visualizing the impact of policies on COVID response

The COVID Analysis and Mapping of Policies (AMP) visualization tool is a comprehensive database of policies and plans to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Decision-makers can use COVID AMP’s user-friendly interface to easily identify effective policies and plans to reduce the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.